What we do?

I. Building a democratic society.
II. Capacity Building of Community
III. Partnership
I. Building a democratic society.

• Anti-Discrimination Legislation (ADL): The organization promotes adoption of ADL and lobbies it at the state level in partnership with a large number of mainstream organizations and individuals.
• Informational impact and work with mass media: Continuous work on monitoring informational space and responding to materials that are contrary to the principles of rule of human rights is one of the important directions of the Kyrgyz Indigo’s work.
• Working with educational institutions on LGBTI issues: Work on integration of educational modules on LGBTI issues in educational programs has been ongoing for several years. Implementation of an educational module on harm reduction among LGBTI representatives for the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bishkek is a vivid example of this work.
• Cooperation with state bodies: The organization works with state institutions, which are aimed at protecting or realizing rights.
• Advocacy at the international level: The organization constantly publishes shadow reports about LGBTI rights in the country, constantly speaks at international events and calls international community to pay attention to the problems of LGBTI people in Kyrgyzstan.
• Advocacy at the country level: The organization promotes idea of equality of rights for everyone through close work with state institutions such as Ombudsman, Ministry of Health, and National Center (Committee) for the Prevention of Torture and others.
• Research and scientific publications: Carrying out research is a priority for the organization as it is important for us to have and share reliable and qualitative information about all aspects of the LGBTI community and allies.

II. Capacity Building of Community

• Work with parents of LGBT people: Families, where LGBT people are accepted and not condemned, are important for us. That's why we are actively working with parents of LGBTI people.
• Work in Kyrgyzstani regions: The organization is doing its best to support the LGBTI community in various regions of Kyrgyzstan. Initiative groups, which help the community in the regions, are already created and working in Osh and Talas oblasts. We hope that we will cover the whole country soon.
• Enhancing the intellectual and cultural level of the community: For us, it is important to enhance cultural and intellectual level of the community. In order to achieve this goal, we conduct various educational camps, debate schools and tournaments and organize stage plays and photo exhibitions.
• Increasing physical, emotional, psychological, sexual and reproductive health and adherence to healthy lifestyle;
• Religion and LGBTIAQ: The organization is the national pioneer in the field of Islam and SOGI. Through trainings, we are trying to help solving the age-old problem of religion and sexual orientation.
• Mobilizing the community and supporting initiatives: For us, it is important that initiatives to improve the situation of LGBTI people come from the community. We always try to support the initiatives of small groups and are open to new ideas.
• Work with sub-groups: We try to work with all groups that are represented within LGBTI, including groups of PLHIV, PID and others.
• Prevention of HIV and STIs: HIV prevention is one of the key areas of the organization. We provide full package of services, which includes, but is not limited to: HIV testing, psychologist support, STI testing and treatment, free condoms and lubricants, friendly health care specialists.

III. Partnership

• Development, joining or creation of local LGBT networks: For our organization, cooperation is important and we are committed to this.
• Strengthening and initiating partnerships: The organization seeks to cooperate with mainstream, human rights and international organizations that share our values and vision. We are always open to partnership.

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