Rainbow House

In a small country called Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia, the LGBTIQ community is daily plagued with stigmatization and discrimination because of our identity, limited access to social services, police abuse, blackmailing, illegal detentions, domestic violence, attacks, rape and torture.  A bill has been pending in Parliament similar to the one adopted in Russia that seeks to criminalize the promotion of LGBTIQ rights. Moreover, recently, Kyrgyzstan’s legislative base has faced sharp challenges as the new amendments were introduced to the Constitution following the December 2016 Referendum. It is evident now that the amendments have significantly strengthened the Power of the State further shrinking the democratic space and limiting civic sector’s room for maneuvering. The State Campaign advocating for the amendments to the Constitution prior to the Referendum were overwhelmed with anti-LGBT messages, with a particular focus on the proposed clause that recognizes marriage only between a man and a woman (whereas the previous Constitution just stated that the marriage was between two adult persons).

We genuinely think that the Rainbow House has more to offer than just a safe space. It will empower us and other LGBTIQ persons to become more emancipated and committed to the ideas of equal opportunities, standing up for our rights and building an inclusive and diverse society. So we ask you to believe in us!

What We Need & What You Get

Although building a house in Kyrgyzstan is significantly expensive and resource consuming with an estimated cost of around $100’000.00 USD for an average community center, all we need to raise at this stage is $10’000.00 USD to move closer to our goal. So far we have already raised a little over $30’000.00 USD. Once we raise our final target of 100K, the funds will be utilized to establish the Rainbow House with facilities and amenities necessary for accommodating LGBTIQ persons in need and those who are committed to stand up for their rights.

Currently we spend big chunk of funds renting an office and a safe space for LGBTIQ persons. Had we had our own Rainbow House, all the money we spend for rental could be utilized more efficiently for the benefit of the LGBTIQ community in Kyrgyzstan.

If you donate, you will make a tremendous contribution to LGBTIQ activism not only in Kyrgyzstan, but also in Central Asia. And most importantly you will participate in creating another country on a Map that will become inclusive with equal rights to all. Moreover, we can invite you to visit Kyrgyzstan once the Rainbow House is established, where you could stay and have the opportunity to witness the beautiful nature of our country. Or if you wish, you could become our volunteer in promoting equal rights in Kyrgyzstan.

This is part of a series of ongoing fundraisers.  We just need to reach our end goal of $10’000.00 USD for the Rainbow House to become a reality! We do believe safe havens as the Rainbow House initiated by Kyrgyz Indigo will be the starting point in empowering the LGBTIQ committed to standing up for their rights and develop Kyrgyzstan into a country that celebrates diversity, respects human rights and appreciates rule of law.

The Impact

Our initiative to establish the Rainbow House comes as a response to the existing challenges we face in Kyrgyzstan as was already described. The Rainbow House will serve as:

  • a safe haven where abandoned and terrorized LGBTIQ persons can find shelter;
  • a creative space where LGBTIQ can meet and fulfill their potential;
  • a learning space where we can empower each other;
  • a secluded area for closeted LGBTIQ to socialize without fear of being forcefully outed;
  • a sustainable station for us to continue helping other LGBTIQ persons even when there is no consistent funding and money for renting an office space.

Every dollar that you donate to Kyrgyz Indigo will move us closer to our main goal of creating a world where gays, bisexuals, lesbians, intersex persons and transgenders, as well as their allies and families can freely express their sexual orientations, sexual characteristics, gender identities and expressions, so they can live with dignity in a safe space of diversity, equality, mutual understanding, respect and positive recognition, which is crucial for integral spiritual, intellectual and physical development of societies

Risks & Challenges

Kyrgyzstan is a post-Soviet country in Central Asia with poor economy and emerging democratic society which is threatened by autocratic regimes of surrounding states. Once known as “an Island of Democracy”, Kyrgyzstan today is losing its reputation of a free state and is becoming more and more reclusive, intolerant towards LGBTIQ, ethnic minorities and other groups. Recent initiatives of the Kyrgyz Parliament to adopt so-called “anti-LGBT-propaganda” bill leaves little to no room for us to advocate for equal rights, jeopardizing our very existence.

The bill prohibits propaganda of so-called “non-traditional sexual relations”, similar to the one adopted in Russia in 2013. In Kyrgyzstan the homophobic bill was initiated in April 2014 and has been pending in the Parliament ever since with little to no opposition. If finally adopted, the bill gives green light to persecuting the LGBTIQ people and unchains the arms of the police and homophobes and transphobes to continue abusing us.

If the bill passes, we will revise our Statute to show as an organization promoting healthcare and medical awareness of LGBTIQ. This will let us bypass the law and enable us continue our activities to protect the LGBTIQ persons as before.