Who we are?

"Be the change you want to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

History of the LGBT movement is a unique experience of gaining strength by people, who want to be free, not in the distant future, but today. People, who, despite formal differences, want to be happy and who are ready to change the world. Such people become stronger by uniting and thereby seek to change the world for the better and make a world, where there is a place for everyone. This fundamental principle was the basis for creation of the Public Association "Kyrgyz Indigo".

Our history
"Kyrgyz Indigo" dates back to 2009, when it was an initiative group of gays, bisexuals and allies and was named "Indigo". In 2010, Kyrgyz Indigo have become registered organization. The word "Indigo" was not chosen randomly. It reflects ideology of the organization - harmony, moderation and equality among people. As one of the colors of rainbow flag, it symbolizes the struggle for equality. The rainbow flag shows diversity among people and its indigo color indicates that all people are equal. .

Who we are
We are a LGBTIAQ community organization "Kyrgyz Indigo". The concept of "community" is very broad but for us it means that the organization consists mostly of representatives of the community and everything we do is for the community. LGBTIAQ is a community for protection and support of which an organization has been created. .

Our vision:
Kyrgyzstan, where all representatives of LGBTIAQ people can freely express their sexual orientation, gender identity and live in a safe space of diversity, equality, respect and positive recognition, which is essential for full spiritual, intellectual and physical development.
Our mission:
Creation of attitude towards LGBTIAQ, which is tolerant and free from prejudice and stigma and improvement of the quality of LGBTIAQ lives through comprehensive programs on human rights, information and visibility, developing capacity of the organization and community, and build partnership and solidarity with other organizations.

Our values

  • Equal rights - LGBTIAQ have universal human rights and freedoms
  • Solidarity - organization promotes principle of solidarity within LGBTIAQ and similar organizations and initiatives
  • Respect - organization promotes principle of respect for the community, other groups and communities, organizations and their activities
  • Responsibility - organization and its staff should be responsive to the set goals in order to achieve them
  • Transparency - organization is open to financial reporting and accountable to communities
  • Commitment - employees are committed to the mission and principles of organization
  • Cohesion - organization is cohesive inside and has a team spirit, when employees follow principles of respect and trust to each other